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Высокое качество зеленая фасоль mung,Монголии происхождения,хорошо упаковать

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Высокое качество зеленая фасоль mung,Монголии происхождения,хорошо упаковать
Moisture 14% max
Admixture 0.5% max.
Imperfect rate 3% max.
Delivery time 7-10 days after payment
Payment terms T/T,L/C,D/P or D/A
Supply ablitity 500 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month


Green mung bean belong to leguminous plant, which has more than 2000-year planting history in China. as the main exporting country, China have many districts to cultivate it, such as Neimenggu, heilongjiang, jilin ect. the seed and stem are widely used in food processing and sprouting. the peel of mung beans have the function to detoxify. So mung bean soup always is the summer drink, which are populor in old and young.In addition, mung beans are used for mung bean snacks, such as mung bean cake , mung bean hummus ect


We are manufacturer specialize in Agricultural products,
90% of our goods exported abroad.
European and Asia are our mainly export market.
we have the following advantages if u choose us:

we pay much attention to our products' quality,
all of our goods are Natural Grown food,
non-public hazard

2:Cheap price:
in order to enlarge abroad market,
we can offer you best price.our price are cheaper than other supplier

3:High Quality:
our products' Purity can up to >99% ,
Moisture <14% and Impurity <1%
Nihewan is a company with the approval of import and export agricultural products, and the registration certificate of sanitation issued by The State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine. We also have gained ISO9001,HACCP certifications

For your convenience we can package from 25Kg to 100Kg bags or in bulk.Jindi regularly services wholesalers, traders, distributors, millers, and even some large grocery retailers.

Thank you for your interest in our products. Please explore our web-site to learn in detail about us, we hope to win your further interest in doing business with us. whether you decide to work with us or not, please provide us your valuable feedback which would serve as basis for continuous improvement of our products and services.


our company collect all kinds of kidney beans directly from the local farmer  and get the steady products with competitive price.
firstly we made the plant agreement with local farmer and collect the products at agreed price.
so the price is really unique because of no- intermediate.
Our company is engaged in the of all kinds of agricultural products of planting and purchasing,
Processing and sales business,
main products: Green beans, sunflower seed, apricot nuclear, soybeans, red masses, cowpea,
adzuki bean, British red beans, green peas, corn, glutinous broom corn , millet, etc.
Various kinds of agricultural and sideline products.
Our company treats high quality, Perfect management, considerate service, well-deserved reputation as themes.
Always for the customer's interests, win the praise of many clients
We have become one of the leading exporters of Chinese beans product, including red kidney bean, green mung bean, millet,sorghum,grain. We have been certified with GLOBALP GAP, HACCP and other certificates.
Located at Hebei province, we have planting base, processing factory and cold warehouse. So far it has established quality assurance system and a set of quality control standards over planting, selecting, processing, packing, storing, loading and shipping.


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